Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Chaos Theoy reviewed by Doccie

After I carefully penetrated our editor in chief’s house and relocated the guardiankitties’ little paws with a swift kick to the kneecaps, I continued to move towards my goal. With my back pressed firmly against the wall, I crawled up the stairs where I found a package, already awaiting me. With the OCP attached to the barrel of my waterpistol I disrupted the laserbeams surrounding the table. After that the little black box was mine. In my hands lay the review version for Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory.

Light and Shadow
Only one year after the successful second chapter of the Splinter Cell series, Ubisoft released yet another title. Many amongst us where sceptical because of this short development period. The first few screenshots, however, pushed that scepticism aside and traded place with astonishment. The models, which went through a quick touch-up, the radiant level design and most of all, the amazing light- and shadoweffects… These are the little details that greatly add to the game’s overall atmosphere and gameplay.

I am a Splinter Cell
However not from the hand of Tom Clancy himself, the storyline has always been written in Clancy’s own recognizable style. The story has always been a strong presence in the Splinter Cell series, but unfortunatly the thought that ‘I had seen and heard it all before’ kept floating around in my mind. Ubisoft’s attempts to create a new experience by adding some new features, were not able to persuade me of the fact that this was in fact a completely new game.

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Fortunately Ubisoft did manage to tackle one of the biggest downpoints to the previous games. By adding secondary objectives and by making the player feel more free in his approach, they managed to further reduce the level of linearity.

Quickly, quietly, and relentlessly
As always, stealth plays an important role. Because of that, the game and the mercenary’s behaviour had to be as realistic as possible. There’s still definitely some room for improvement in the matter. It is, for instance, possible to just sneak straight past an opponent without him noticing you (in complete darkness that is). However, once you’ve been spotted, the guards do tend to get a bit too vigilant. They start shooting in your direction, while they should not have been able to see where you went.

Another element which contributes both to the stealth aspect of the game and the overall atmosphere is the use of sound. The sound effects are all tiptop in order. The sound of footsteps differs from surface to surface. And also the ambient noises and weaponeffects are very realistic and a treat to listen to. Mix with one cup of dry humor and the ultracool voice of Michael Ironside as Sam Fisher and you have one hell of a game experience.

That’s where I come in
I already, briefly, mentioned the new gameplay elements that Ubisoft introduced. Sam’s display of acrobatic moves has once again been updated so you can now inflict mayhem from above on your unsuspecting victim. The gadgets and weapons largely remained, apart from one very important addition, which will have far reaching concequences for the gameplayexperience; Sam now has a knife! This will make it possible to storm an enemy and plant the knife into his stomach. This approach will undoubtetly appeal to the gamer who is less concerned with the game’s stealthaspect.

Ubisoft also introduced a system which makes it possible to inflict either lethal damage or a non-lethal blow to the enemy. Without a doubt an improvement to Pandora Tomorrow where you had to knock the enemy in sleeperhold unconcious first, before you could kill him by shooting him in the head.

That’s where we come in
The Splinter Cell series is not only fabeled for it’s sublime singleplayermodule. The equally addictive multiplayermode is also very renowned.

In Versusmode, the ARGUS Mercenaries still ruthlessly take on the Shadownet spies and in CO-OP mode you can follow in Sam’;s footprints by replaying the singleplayer missions with a friendly by your side.

Ubisoft effectively stimulates teamplay in both modes with, among other things, some very cool moves which require effective cooperation. You can, for instance, stand on top of your teammate’s shoulders to reach higher grounds.


I cannot but recommend Ubisoft’s Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory. Do you like tactical, smallscaled and sneaky warfare, then this is the game for you. With its stunning graphics and amazing sound effects the game is able to create a very tense and realistic atmosphere which just sucks you right in the action.

PS: no animals were harmed while writing this review.

  • Sound
  • Graphics
  • Knife
  • ‘More of the same’