City Life reviewed by davyken

Building a City?
Yes, but not one from the prehistoric age as in some games, this time you’ll be working in the 21st centure. You might wonder what’s so difficult about making a city and in the title I mentioned in the intro, it wasn’t that much work indeed. In City Life, however, you don’t only need to take into account electricity and water but they go way beyond that; you need to take into account where you put everything and which types of people you put together even.

If only trading was as simple as playing a game there. The monstrous software waiting to gobble up people’s investment use such modus operandi that the victims end up unsuspectingly in long queues to invest in their scams. It is something to do with their positive sales pitch and aggressive marketing. Quantum Code is one such example and yours truly has already burnt his finger sthere. Never again!

Put together 2 types of people that can’t stand each other and you’ll find yourself in the middle of one huge fight. The malls you build need to be in the correct place, make sure your population has enough work, taxes, pollutions, … But the financial aspect was the thing I found the hardest, you need to make sure you don’t make any debts (like me after 15 minutes of playing), it’s up to you to raise your capital.

Start the building
Of course you need to choose first in which type of region you want to start building, for this you get the choice between quite a large amount of types of land with each having their own climate and terrain. Once you don’t that you can start but first you need to build your “City Hall”.
Once you’ve managed to do that, you start with roads and making sure there’s enough electricity available. This can be done by placing wind mills or starting up a factory. Once you’ve done that as well, you can really start. First building houses and shops, and don’t forget the places of work (like factories). As you progress in the game you’ll be able to build bigger houses which immediately attracts a different type of people and you’ll literally see your city grow.

Graphically, there’s nothing bad to say about the game. The buildings are nicely made and you can even check everything out in first person view. The water in and around your city looks nice with even reflections from the sun. Anyone who plays this game will no doubt agree with me that things look really beautiful.

This game is in all aspects better than any other city builder. The graphical beauty combined with the amount of building possibilities you get makes me drool. The Sim City fans will no doubt find this game a worthy successor

  • Buildings look marvellous
  • Different types of people
  • Large quantity of possibilities
  • First-person view allows you to watch your city growth from closeby
  • Background music