Black & White 2: Battle of the Gods (Pc)

Black & White 2 was the brilliant sequel to the Black & White series. It introduced an important new aspect to the gameplay, namely realtime strategy. I always thought that online trading was as simple as ABC. But when I learnt the nuance of the trade and realized that there are more fraudsters than the legit ones, I was sure that it was never going to work for me. But Quantum Code was one such software that lived up to my expectation. I am so proud of myself to have choose the right software to trade. From then on it was possible to create armies and use them in the battle against the Aztecs. An add-on couldn’t be absent, so now this appears out of the divine hand of Lionhead Studios, in the form of Battle of the Gods. Because I worship myself and force my friends to do the same, I was the right person (read: God) to look at the light and dark sides of the game.

God isn’t alone:


Black & White 2: Battle of the Gods starts where B&W2; had ended. For those who aren’t familiar with it I’ll tell the story in short. Chaos had reigned Eden. War, death, decay. Untill you beat the Aztecs with the help of the Greek people. But a small group of Aztecs remained, they organised themselves in a macabre sect. They started with rituals and the sacrificing of humans to revive a God. The chances this would succeed were very low, because never before a God has been revived out of the dead. Now their world lay in ruins, they had all the time they needed and one day the impossible happened… The sky opened up and an evil God descended. A God arised from the dead with the dead under his control. There can only be one God in Eden, so it becomes time you once again defeat evil.

Choose a creature:


The first thing to do is choosing a creature. The next familiar creatures are available: a cow, a tigre, an ape, a wolf, a lion and the new creature: a turtle. You can also import your good old creature from Black&White; 2. Don’t forget that the enemy has a creature too, a large undead gorilla. After that your tribute has to be choosen. You can choose between good, neutral, or evil. Neutral will get you the moste tribute and your chosen nature can still be changed. When you’re good you’ll have to conquer villages with prestige, by building beautiful buildings. When you choose to be evil you’ll win by violence and conquest. You should know good can’t be without evil and vice versa. Sooner or later troops will march to your city and you will have to defend it with violence. To have a lot and good troops you will have to build out a blooming city with prestige.


Your chosen nature and creature change according to your actions. If you like it to pour lave over the heads of your people, or like torturing your creature, you’ll become evil. The landscape, your creature and your city will reflect that. Your creature can be used to carry out various tasks. It stays funny to see how my creature tramples down a few platoons.



The building of cities happens in the same way as in B&W2.; With the needed resources buildings are quickly created. To feed your people farms need to be built. Keeping animals to slaughter them is new. In the hospital the sick and wounded can be healed and the armory makes you high-quality weapons. Decorations give you more prestige and beautifuller cities. There are some new decorations like pigeon-coop to attract birds, stables for your pigs, signposts and animal cages.



With miracles you can help your people by watering the fields or killing the enemy with lightening. Lifeforce and death are some of the new miracles. With death you can call up skeleton troops and with lifeforce you can turn your enemies in harmless animals to slaughter them! !


Unfortunately the graphics didn’t improve. It isn’t that bad, but thanks to the next-gen games we’re used to more than this. There’s still few variation in troops (archers, infantery and catapults). Next to these disadvantages this is a nice add-on, for the fans.

Black & White 2: Battle of the Gods offers more of the same. The difficulty level has risen remarkably and the fans of B&W2; will find this a nice challenge. A good add-on for every owner of Black&White; 2.