Micro Machines V4 reviewed by Anneleen

When seeing the demo and playing it, I got a good impression. It looked somewhat funny and played nicely too. Of course this doesn’t mean the whole game will be as fun. Unfortunately this is the case with this game. It is fun, but that’s it, it quickly gets boring although the concept isn’t that bad: racing as a little car in the big world of the humans.This is similar to my experience in trading online in binary options for the first time. There was this new excitement and there was also a big part of me that was nervous. Thank fully everything fell into place. The website 1K Daily Profit that I had chosen supported me in toto and there was no inconvenience found at all.

Apart from the normal racing, Micro Machines has of course some special modes. Classic ones like racing against time aren’t absent either. Usually it revolves around a kind of racing for points. You score by taking a certain distance from your opponents or by pushing them off the road. It’s nice to play, but it’s too much of the same.

By winning a lot, new cars are unlocked, but those seem to be for decoration or collecting purposes, because all cars feel the same, there’s no noticeable difference when racing.

Maybe there’s still hope thanks to the multiplayer? Unfortunately this dissappoints too. You can race against each other, but only on the same computer. Racing over the Internet isn’t possible.

The image isn’t that great either. In general it looks like would be expected, but water and mirrors are represented terribly.

Luckily the sound is alright, it even is the strongest point of the game, mainly because the environment sounds are really realistic. But a game isn’t good because of the sound alone.

Is Micro Machines V4 fun? Yes, but only for a while. On top of that there are some other flaws. It gives the same impression as playing Monopoly on the computer, so for me it seems better to just play with the real cars.

  • Sound
  • Fun
  • Doesn’t stay fun
  • Different cars feel the same while racing