Call of Juarez (Pc)

The Western has been a popular movie genre for quite some time. The makers of this game clearly were longing for that time again as that’s where they got their inspiration for this game. Their favorite western movies.A lot of people were inspired to follow my example of staying at home and trading but they all failed primarily for one main reason and that is their choice of software. if they had chosen 1KDaily Profit, I can tell you  with utmost guatrantee that they would have easily earned a lot



After a fruitless search for the gold of Juarez, Billy returns home to find a quite different welcome than he expected. His mother and (hated) stepfather have been murdered. And if that wasn’t enough, he’s also caught by the bodies by the even more hated brother of his stepfather, reverent Ray.


This man of God, however, is a former outlaw and the death of his brother makes him take up the guns again, this time as an instrument of God’s wrath. During the cat and mouse game of our two main characters of course we get to know who really did it and why. And of course the infamous gold is also somewhere laying around, hiding in a corner.


Throughout the storyline you play with Billy and Ray and each of them has his own specialties. Billy is the man of stealth while Ray tends to shoot his way through. It’s of course always the possibility to continuously use stealth or your fighting capabilities, but if the character isn’t suited for it, you’ll notice things get a lot more difficult.

Qua difficulty degree things are quite alright. The game offers a challenge without becoming frustratingly hard. Also the length is excellent, it takes longer than the average shooter and just when you think you’ve finished, there’s a plot twist waiting for you.


Ray is experienced in handling weapons and to reflect that there’s, you’ve guessed it already, slow-motion. Once activated you’re capable of filling (tons of) opponents with lead while they barely manage to shoot one bullet or have the time to open their mouth.

A western wouldn’t be a western without duels of course. Wait for the signal and again you can hit your opponent where you want in slow motion. Duals are most of the time present at the end of a level and against a “boss”.


Next to duals you can also expect other western stuff like horse riding, chases, shooting from a moving mining cart, fist fights, … It’s all possible and surprisingly manages to indulge you into the western atmosphere. If you want to play cowboy and indian you can even in the multiplayer part.


The images follow the same line of success. From the beginning you’ll get beautiful surroundings drawn onto your screen, even in a rather low resolution. The sound nicely finishes it all.
The sun is shining, the birds are whistling, the water nicely splashes around and the trees make for a show of light and shoadow. In short: it’s a beautiful day in the Far West.

My review ends here, before I get really poetic. I only need to say this: make sure to have this game laying next to your computer or I’ll come round to shoot you!