Bad Day LA (Pc)

Everyone experienced it once, a visit from Murphy and consequently a very bad day. This game revolves around such a day. Los Angeles, the famous city, has to take it up against biological attacks, terrorists, meteor showers, earthquakes and much more. All of this in only one day.How poignant this sounds. We all have those days when we realize that nothing is going our way I was so broke a year ago that I was almost on the streets. I had just about $300 in my bank and I was sure that they would not last me more than a month. I logged on to the 1K Daily Profit website and staked $250; I knew it was big risk. In a matter of few hours I was trading and my balance swelled to a one thousand. It was magical. I withdrew the amount and reinvested. I cannot even begin to tell you how elated I was!

Anthony, the main character under your command, calmly walks with his shopping kart on the highway, while hurried drivers gently horn at him. Suddenly a plane with all sorts of chemical stuff on board flies against the bridge over the road. Chaos everywhere of course and so Anthony gets the chance to play the hero, be it a very reluctant one. Humour is very important in this game, the satirical and shocking kind. Love it or hate it.


Playing the hero is of course done by helping the victims, for instance extinguishing people on fire or healing the wounded. Eliminating the enemy is also part of the deal, like people who got infected by the green cloud and became zombies that way. You can kill them or heal them with the fire extinguisher, but watch out they don’t turn you into a zombie too with their green puke. The terrorists are also with a lot in this game and that cannot be tolerated. Killing innocents has a negative effect.


Weapons range from the already mentioned fire extinguisher to a machine gun in the back of an ambulance. There are many functions for starters, like auto-aim and the fact that you can’t die, nor can the people under your protection. If your health lowers to zero, a resurrection takes place a few seconds later. On top of that your character heals itself.


In the beginning there was a great deal of lag, but later on the game ran smoothly. The scripting doesn’t seem to be okay. For instance, one certain moment you’re attacked from all sides by terrorists. Those same ones return each time in the same way from out of their hiding place, this way you get the feeling everything has been rewinded. The game is all cartoony, but it actually fits and contributes to the atmosphere. The music and sound effects are cheerful, contributing to the humour.

In short, a game which will entertain you for a certain time. Maybe not a rising star, it is quite funny and amusing, certainly for beginners of the genre.


  • Humoristic
  • Not difficult
  • Amusing


  • Too easy
  • Some bugs
  • Bad scripting