Barrow Hill (Pc)

Barrow Hill is a small place somewhere in England, where you end up when your car breaks down. This happens during the autumn equinox, an important date on the pagan calendar. Combine this with a circle of menhirs in the neighbourhood and you’ll get a mix of mysterious events.



Driving throught the woods at such a time apparently wasn’t a good idea, because quickly enough the car stalls. There you are, in the dark, without having a clue as to where you are and on top of that some mysterious power prevents you from returning the way you came.

This is exactly what happens with trading software wherein you have made your investment. Until and unless you get your  returns you will have absolutely no clue about where the money goes or what happens to it. But with a reliable system like the 1K daily profit, you can stay relaxed and feel safe for the system is very reliable and legal.

The only people in the neighbourhood seem to be terrified of strange creatures. Of course it’s up to you to solve it all. It’s going to be a long night…


Barrow Hill is a point and click adventure, one of the ancient kind. Clicking everywhere and looking at everything a little bit closer is what you should do. Naturally there lots of false trails and objects too. All in all the game’s length is the average of the genre, with two possible ends a good one and a bad one. It’s possible to die in this game, like when you meet a gaint rock, named the ‘sentry stone’, which doesn’t really like you.


The atmosphere in this game is simply said fantastic. It’s creepy, and the creators have managed to let it be very suggestive: it’s only a feeling. For instance, after you’ve made, you still here some sounds, as if you were followed. The story is a mix of legend, fantasy and reality. Especially the strange stories of all kinds of wicca rituals seem to be handy subjects.


As good as the sound is, that bad are the graphics. Although the creators tried to respresent the real environment (Barrow Hill is based on a real existing place in England), the images just suck. They remind me of a game of like five years ago.

In short, if you like a creepy atmosphere, this game fits you good. However, it comes with the bad graphics.