Dungeon Siege II: Broken World (Pc)

We’re indeed talking about an expansion of the aging Dungeon Siege 2 by Microsoft and Gas Powered Games. When I got this copy in my mail, the first thing I thought was “What the… The game is older than my grandma and now they’ve made an expansion…”Yes, even trading must have been of the same age and all the current and latest trading applications that we have on the market like the 1K daily profit are all from the expansion phase. This is mainly to accommodate and encourage more number of traders into the trading market.

What I also found out was that it wasn’t from Microsoft but 2K Games. Seen the fact that they had nothing to do with the original, my interest raised and as such I went to work.



One year after the release of Dungeon Siege 2, 2K Games comes with an expansion for Microsoft’s succesful RPG and logically the story of such an expansion continues on the original’s basis. In DS2, the game ends with the killing of the evil Valdis which makes you bring out an even worse evil into the world. Of course you’re now sent out again to send it back to where it came from.

You’ll need about 8 hours to complete the main quest but if you add the side quests you may get to the promised of 15 hours of gameplay (and then you probably need to explore every corner to get there). Maybe a bit short for an RPG add-on? Instead you could think of this as an extra quest instead of an extra campaign.


Next to an small extra story there’s also a new race you can play with, and if you can believe Gas Powered Games they did this after a huge demand from the community. They’ve added dwarves. Unfortunately, these can’t do anything different from any other race in the game and in the end they’re just a bunch of little people… nothing more, nothing less.


A nice innovation, or addition, are the 2 new classes, the Blood Assassins and the First of Stone. The first is mainly targeted at fighting with bow and arrow and you’ll quickly find out that your character can learn some very useful new abilities. You can heat the blood of your opponent to the boiling point which makes them loose a significant amount of life for a short period. On the other hand there’s the First of Stone which is more focused on melee skills. With a bit of luck you can immobilise your enemy, start an earthquake which will damage all opponents in the surroundings,… and next to that the Fist of STone is blessed with the ability to heal himself. The enemies will have quite a problem to kill this “tank”.

When I compare with Dungeon Siege 2 there’s actually too little innovation to really give this game the title of “expansion”. If you’re a real die-hard fan I would say buy it but other people can better leave it be and save those 30 euros for something else.