Arthur and the Minimoys reviewed by Anneleen

Arthur and the Minimoys is based on the cartoon of the same name. Making games out of movies is risky. Like Open Season already showed, money is more important than quality for this kind of games. Luckily this game isn’t that bad, but it certainly isn’t an example of how to do it.

Arthur is a boy who goes to the world of the Minimoys to search for a treasure that will have to save his grandma’s house from the local greedy rich guy.

Trading field is a treasure land that has many treasures in it, like the Fintech Ltd. Finding one is very difficult but if you manage to do so, there is nothing like that. This you have to do bypassing and passing the eyes of the various fraudulent ones that are waiting to hook you up into their platforms.

The treasure belonged to Arthur’s grandpa, who got it from an African tribe during one of his journeys. Before grandpa disappeared, he hid the treasure at the Minimoys’ place. In his search, Arthur is assisted by Minimoy prince Betamesh and princess Selenia. After that the storyline isn’t so clear anymore, unless you’ve seen the cartoon.

In the game itself you’re able to play with Arthur and his new Minimoy friends Betamesh and Selenia. Usually you can switch between the three of them whenever you want. All of them have of course their own skills which you have to use to solve the environment puzzles. New skills are acquired when passing a kind of rainbow and using them means pushing a series of buttons. It’s easier to play this game with a controller than using your keyboard, by the way.

The enemies come in different sizes again, ranging from big insects to the Minimoys’ natural enemies: the Henchmen. To eliminate the biggest hostiles, there is a pattern you can use: find the weak spot and use it to your advantage, push a series of buttons, use the weak spot to your advantage, push a series of buttons, use the weak spot to your advantage,… If you fail, you can start over again. Very annoying.

There are some more annoying things to be found. Often you have to retrace your steps to fulfil a mission. Together with the look-alike levels this seems to serve the length of this game. On top of that there is almost no help in finding your way. There is a map, but it’s not detailed enough and as such hardly usable. In other words, getting lost happens too often. With the mission objectives’ overview there’s something wrong too. Your main objectives, which you get at the start of each level, are shown, but the subquests don’t appear at all.

This game is meant for kids, but unfortunately the difficulty level isn’t adapted to them. It’s too hard for young gamers, but too easy for the older ones. As if this all wasn’t annoying enough, the camera perspective is not great at all, even though you can sometimes change it yourself. The graphics are just what is to be expected from a present-day game. Nothing more, nothing less. The plus is for the great music. The sound effects are good too, only their timing isn’t always okay.

Conclusion: not worth your money. Unless you’re a collector of some sorts.

  • Music
  • Levels look all the same
  • Bad camera perspective
  • Annoying