Il-2 Sturmovik: 1946 (Pc)

Il-Sturmovik is one of the best flight sim series, in the genre of WOII flight sims, it is up until now unequalled.Fintech Ltd is a very good and unmatched system in the trading market for the features and benefits offered by this system are all great and the entire trading system has been designed to help the traders earn a profit. The number of assets made available on this system is unlimited making the options vast for the traders.

This 1946 version is a kind of collection edition with all the released parts and expansion packs in it, together with some new extras.


Because of the combining of all these parts a great deal of missions is waiting for you. Those who have bought all the parts separately, no problem, there are also new missions added, enough to keep you busy for a while. Next to scenarios a pilot’s career can be played too.


A lot of these missions are based on the well-known ‘what if’ theory. For instance, you may assist in the assassination of Hitler (Germans have really tried to kill Hitler, but were unsuccessfull in reality).


Apart from these modes there are the mission builders. The quick mission builder starts a dog fight after you have set some sliders and buttons. The full mission builder allows you to do some more, for instance fully creating the air you’re going to fly in.


New planes are mainly prototypes that were introduced in the last years of the Second World War. There are some 30 new ones, bringing the total to more than 300 planes. Some of them are actually rather legendary models, that were designed, but never really flew.


Together with the game a bonus dvd is included. It contains above all promo material for Battle of Britain but also an elaborate planes guide (about 450 pages long), a nice piece of literature. Despite the tutorial levels it’s difficult for starters in the genre to hop in, this is the flight sim suited for advanced pilots. For the others it is just too complicated.


The culpable of that high difficulty level is the great realism. This is what makes Sturmovik so fantastic, but you will have to learn to tricks before going into the air. The advantage: once you master the game, you have the right to be proud of it.


The quality of the graphics is passable, but actually it should be much better compared with other recent games. To me, the music is rather bad (especially the tune in the main menu), but luckily there’s still the magnificent sound (listen to that purring of the engines) to make up for it. Overall this game runs smoothly, but there are some minor performance issues.

If you’re a flight sim fan, then don’t let this pass you over!


  • Bonus
  • Great flight sim
  • Plane guide
  • Sound
  • Much to discover, much to do, much to…


  • A lot of promo material on bonus dvd
  • Graphics
  • Music