Bet on Soldier Q&A

Can you give us a short introduction on the story of Bet on Soldier (B.o.S.)

Bet on Soldier takes place in 1964. The First World War has been

Raging for 50 years, the war has become a reality-show, and betting on battles has become the major form of entertainment. This reality show is called Bet on Soldier.

Here in this trading game with the 1K daily profit system, you need to bet on the various assets presented to you for trading. The options are huge and the trader is at freedom to choose one of his choices after thoroughly examining the assets and their performances, current, past and future.

You play Nolan, a soldier who wants to find out the truth about his wife’s murder.
His only clue is that he saw bos champions on the day she died. To discover the truth, he decides to enter the BoS…

What is the bet/duel system all about? And can other players interrupt duelling characters for example?

The betting system is available before the missions. You bet a certain amount of money on your victory against a BoS Champion. On the battlefield, when you meet the champion, everyone will clear the area and a connection with the TV network will occur. You have a certain amount of time to defeat him and win the bet. If the time limit is reached, you lose your bet. Until the end of the duel, you and the champion can’t be interrupted.

With more than 40 weapons/items in the game, how will the balance play out? Will close combat always go down against ranged weapons?

The weapons are divided into categories such as melee weapons, one-hand weapons, two-hand weapons, heavy weapons and two types of grenades: explosive grenades and gas grenades. Most of the fights will be middle ranged, so guns will be used more than melee weapons.

Is it possible to wield weapons in both hands?

No, you can’t wield weapons in both hands.

The mechlike exoskeletons look extremely cool but also pretty heavy. How will a normal player on foot be able to stop one of these giants?

The exos are very resistant, but not invincible. It is possible to stop the exos with normal weapons, but it will take some time to destroy them. Of course, with the help of your mercenaries, or heavy weapons, you can take them out more quickly.

Do physics play a big role in the game?

The physics engine of BoS is based on the technology the next Unreal Tournament will use, which is known as Novodex. The interaction with the environment is present, but the gameplay isn’t based on it, just like Half-Life 2.

Which other works (movies, games, series) had a certain influence on the art and the look of B.o.S.?

Of course, we’ve been influenced by many games and movies. Some examples are Ironstorm, our team’s previous game, Half-Life, Killzone and jin-roh, the animated movie.

In which way will mercenaries accompany the player, will they be able to accept a large variety of orders?

You can give simple orders to your mercenaries, so that they follow you and wait you while you clear an area. The AI will manage the other actions the
rest of the time.

What are you planning in terms of community support (will modtools Ship with the retail version, etc.)?

The game is fully mod-compliant, so mod-tools are already in existence. They will be released shortly after the game.

When can we expect a demo of Bet on Soldier

We’re planning to release a demo at the same time that the game Comes out.