Interview with CCP Games Part 1

In the following days you will be treated to a range of interviews with several people who work at CCP, ranging from artist to programmers we will attempt to give you an idea just what goes on behind the door of this Icelandic game company who gave us EVE-online the second genesis.

The official website of the Fintech Ltd. would actually explain everything to the traders in simple and clear terms and it is important for all the traders to do this test study so that they get a clear idea and develop a confidence in the system before making their investments.

These interviews where taken right after the fanfest which proved to be a huge succes. (300 ppl from all over the world)

After this series of interviews we will be holding a big eve contest thanks to the friendly donation of some ouf ot this world prizes by CCP.

First up are Hilmar and Reynir respectively the CEO and the driving force behind EVE, both of them have been with EVE from the early start and both have a vested interest to make EVE-online even more successful then it is now.

During the presentations at the fan-fest you mentioned your big idea for EVE, one of the factors in this idea is that there will be an increasing amount of player interaction and story development by the players themselves. Even now alliances hold sway over vast lawless lands. Aren’t you afraid that the players will change eve into something you didn’t want it to be? Or that you will lose absolute control of the game?

Ultimate control will always be held by CCP, the player interaction is more of a expanding of current options in the game; NPC empires will never be conquered by alliances and if needed Jove are always there to pick up the pieces as a stick behind the door. The big idea we have is more based on expanding the current Alliances so they can be formed into empires themselves but player run and thus offering more liberties to those players.

Eve is under constant development. Is there a blueprint for eve that has the ideas and developments all laid down?

There is most definitely a plan behind the whole eve universe but that plan has been influence by player ideas and events, its more of an evolution of the game combining the two elements, player interactions and ccp idea’s itself. The current approach of expanding the game is off course based on the ideas we ourselves have, but we also like to offer the players tools and base our expansions on the experiences and interaction between us and them. The alliance system is a good example of this if we had included this at launch there would have been a number of options we never would have thought of or included useless options because we could never anticipate on the demands of the players beforehand. Now we have a basic alliance system in place that can be expanded as the game progresses further based on the input of the alliances and the players in them.

Tech II has been slowly implemented during Shiva, will there be a pause between tech II and tech III or will there be an event like the crielere event to jumpstart tech III in order to implemented it? This ties in with the so called megahaulers and other improvements to the general hauling and production of items is that is under review by you. Could you explain your views about this whole system?

Tech II ‘s next step is the moon mining and the general larger availability of bpo and parts meaning that the prices and requirements of building tech II stuff will slowly level off as according to normal economic principle. The advent of stations and the need for larger haulers is the reason why ships like huge super haulers based on tech II using both race advantages and tech II will appear to assist in the moon mining and production. This in fact is tech 2.5 up till now a large piece of the production was in the hands of the agent runners with the tech II parts, setting the production parallel to that with tech II parts being able to be both produced and earned and adding special bpo’s to agent rewards through loyalty points means that tech II will be more available in the world making it in essence ready for the later Tech III, but tech III will be a totally different system and has not been worked out in detail yet.

What unknown items like the sudden appearance of tech II assault cruisers will be thrown upon us? Rumours of enormous guns and huge missile systems keep turning up, dreadnaughts and not to forget titans….

Some of these rumours are correct, others are plainly the inventions of some frentrix crazed madman. Titans and tech II ships will be available offcourse as for the other rumours about weaponsystems those may or may not appear in eve, you’ll just have to keep playing to find out.

The labelling and additional research for producers would be a very nice item, have you had any real progress in thinking out a way to implement this?

The labelling of items and the research and improvement of existing modules are something that really has to come into the game but its very tricky to do. Issues like stacking, naming, increments of improving etc being rather complicated. It has been worked on a lot on a brainstorm level. There are no real plans for immediate implementation at the moment. It will eventually be in the game though, although we have no real idea when or exactly how.

Do you have any real plans concerning the Jove or do you plan to use them as a card up your sleeve for the moment?

The Jove are indeed a very important part of EVE, up till now they have been fairly quiet but after Shiva you will be seeing more and more of them. There is a full storyline worked in for the Jove, a storyline that you might see hints of in the already published fiction. They have an agenda of their own and it might not be a very positive one for some.

Will there ever be an EVE 2

This so far into the future that we wouldn’t have a timeframe for it. There are so many things you can do with EVE since basically it is just a database, everything can be expanded and upgraded, the engine, the features the whole client can be changed. We would love to see the eve universe progressing over years and years expanding into an ever-increasing world.

That’s it for now folks but tune in soon for another look into eve, next up the ART of EVE and the design process.