Understand Your Trading Terminal

Understand Your Trading Terminal

The market participant can trade in the market in a few ways. He can either call the stockbroker to place a trade or he can use a web-based application to place trades. There is also the option to use trading software that lets to trade in the market.

Each of the above lets you place trading orders in the market. You can transact in the shares as well as track the profit and losses that you have made. Youcan also tracks what the market is doing and manage your funds and view the stock chart. The platform also lets you access various trading tools.

You get access to your trading terminal by logging into the platform with your details. You will need a username and password for the same.

There are many features that a trading terminal offers to you.

Logging into the terminal

The trading terminal has all the account related information in order to keep it secure there is a login process. You will have to enter your login id and password to get access to the terminal.

Once you have logged into the platform you will need to add stocks to the market watch window. These are the stocks that you are interested in trading in. You can transact on these stocks when you have them on market watch. It is easy to add the stocks to the window.

When you add the stock to the market watch window you will be able to see the price that the stock is being traded as well as the percentage change of the stock and the last price that it was traded at. The last traded price lets you know the price change of the stock every moment and the percentage change is the change in the price of the stock as compared to the last trading day.

The other important points are the previous day’s high, low and close of the stock. The open, high, low and close of the stock on a particular day denotes the trading range of the stock. The volume lets you know how many shares of stock have been transacted at a given time.

This information can be gained accessed in the market depth window. You can then use this information to buy and sell your stock.

Buying and selling a stock

To buy and sell a stock through your trading terminal all that you need to do is to right click on the stock that has been uploaded on the market watch window and press on the buy. You will have to mention the price or buy the stock at the market price and enter the number of stocks that you wish to purchase.