Weekend Trading in India and its Strategies

Weekend Trading in India and its Strategies

In finance, the day trading has been increasing at the weekend. Whenever the global market is operating, may be in London, Hongkong, Newyork or Sydney the currency rate can be traded without the central market help. Due to this reasons Bitcoin and another cryptocurrency can be traded over the weekend. Weekend trading is also offered by the brokerages. For examples iq options, market.com and IC Markets are involved in the weekend trading.

Is it possible to trade on the weekends?

This is found to be a misconception that trading over the weekend cannot be done by you as the financial world like their Saturdays and Sundays off. Here technology seems to act as a catalyst and all of them are not going to work on the same schedule. In some places, the working hours are from Sunday to Thursday and in another place, it may be from Saturday to Wednesday. From this, you can come to the conclusion that you can trade over the weekend. Stocks, CFDs, currency, binary options are involved in the weekend trading.

Why trade at weekend?                                    

There are many reasons for trading over the weekend. They are

  1. a) Strategy friendly

High profit will be obtained by means of some strategies and some other strategies are performing better.

  1. b) More trading gives more profit

In general, if you spend more time in the trading means you will get a good opportunity to turn profits.

  1. c) Flexibility

For the weekend trading, you have selected the suitable time for trading as you will be having the busy schedule and commitments. You will be having the full freedom to select the appropriate hours.

Closing gap-gap trading strategy

The strategy of forex and binary market condition is found to be ideal for trading over the weekend gap. Sometimes the price level in the market will be shifted from the higher level to the lower level. Firstly you have to learn more about the cause of gaps. Maybe caused by new to the accelerated movements. By few traders, the closing gaps are created. In the same direction, some traders will be investing

  1. i) Upward gap

The assets will be set by the traders and when there is a fall in the market the gap will be closed.

  1. ii) Downward gap

Assets will be purchased by the traders and the rise of mark results in the closing of the gap.

On weekends in the low volume market, there will be a more chance for the closing of gaps.