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The idea for Fragland came into being after I realized I won’t be able to start designing video games and that I should stick to gaming.

I graduated in Graphic Design and always wanted to make games, since I am a passionate gamer. Didn’t get the chance to do that, so I gathered a couple of my gaming fellows and we dedicated our efforts to researching and evaluating the best gaming peripheral available.

We wanted to optimize our gaming experience and that’s why we got heavily involved with different products – mice, keyboards, headsets and so on.

If you are like us and want to get the best peripheral there is for your gaming experience, we think you will find Fragland quite helpful.

We plan to update our product information regularly, which probably can’t be said about the close relatives and friends you get gaming advice from.

And we know what a bother it can be to research for a suitable product online. And this is what motivated us to share our experience with different peripherals and accessories with the online community.

Fragland & Motivation

We at try to provide accurate and unbiased info that we consider could be helpful for your gaming choices and experience. The information is on various products relating to gaming and its optimization.

Choose the Best Gaming Gear for You

If you want to buy a gaming mouse, a keyboard, a headset and even a desk or a chair that could give you more comfort while gaming or just working on your computer, you can find our top choices right here on Fragland.

We have reviewed various products in great detail. You can start from our top categories: