Best Gaming Chair 2017 Reviews

Best Gaming Chairs

The long hours we spend in front of the computer can take their toll on physical and mental health without us even noticing.

The perfect gaming chair has to be ergonomic and provide the most comfortable support for the user. Users should always be weary of the price, comfort level, type of provided experience and storage possibility.

Best Gaming Chairs 2017

Are you sometimes experiencing back, arm or leg pains? The start to leading a more healthy life might just be hidden in picking the right and most comfortable chair.

This is why we compiled an exclusive review of the best gaming chairs for 2017.

PreviewProductWeightAdjustable Armrests 
DXRacer FormulaDXRacer Formula22.2 kgHeight Only
Merax Gaming ChairMerax Gaming Chair18.1 kgHeight Only
DXRacer Gaming ChairDXRacer Gaming Chair22.2 kgYes
Aeron Chair by Herman MillerAeron by Herman Miller25.9 kgYes
Steelcase Gesture Gaming ChairSteelcase Gesture 33.5 kgYes

1. DXRacer Formula Gaming Chair – Leveraging on the Adjustability

We would like to shine some light on the DXRacer Formula Gaming Chair in the present review. It is the latest addition to the series and it resembles a previous set of models called Racing. You won’t be making a mistake if you guess that the piece of furniture’s design was inspired by the infamous motor sport and is a progressive upgrade of the above described tier.

Unlike the DXRacer Racing Series, which does not feature organic fabric, the Formula which is now being introduced to users has fiber which is easy to clean from hairs and can not be ripped through. It also does not absorb much heat.


Unlike previous models, the DXRacer Formula Series has arm rests which can be customized only in height. The Racing models have much more options when it comes to flexibility in this particular area.

Design Style & Used Materials

If there are any of you who are wondering if there are different styles and fabrics from which you can choose when proceeding to purchase a product from the DXRacer Formula Series, then you can rest assured that there is a wide variety: PU leather, organic fibers and a PVC-stylized outlook that is called Carbon Look Vinyl.

The PU leather of the DXRacer F Series is fully waterproof and much easier to clean. It also has the ability to prevent over-sweating and excessive humidity if used in the heat.

The PVC fabric, of which one of DXRacer F Series’ most popular models is made, is also waterproof. The materials used for its stylized design are capable of withstanding way more than even PU leather.

Customizable & Highly Versatile Mechanism

When the matter starts revolving around the more technical parameters of the DXRacer Formula Blue Gaming Chair, users can rest assured that is has excellent body support in the form of its highly flexible and adjustable mechanism. There is a lumbar cushion which can be placed exactly according to your wishes.

The small headrest and arm rests have an excellent ergonomic performance and can even be taken off at any time. The right hand side arm rest can be replaced with a mouse pad if you find it more comfortable.

Apart from this small discouraging factor, the other technological parameters are a build-up on the past ones and the hydraulic unit is entirely made out of German steel which makes it have a durable base. There is a 50% foam density and the backrest can be adjusted up to a 135-degree angle. The same can be rocked up to a 12°.

We would have to say that thanks to DXFormula Series Gaming Chair’s comfortable and highly bendable arm wrests it has the chance of completely eliminating wrist stress in long-time gamers, even after 6-7 hours of play. Its stylish, Formula 1-inspired design provides you with the feeling of being refreshed and relaxed.


  • Formula 1 Design
  • Eliminates Wrist Stress
  • Portable Mouse Pad
  • Completely Withstands Humidity
  • High Angle of Adjustability


  • Arm Rests Customizable Only in Height
  • Fabric Seat Easily Gets Dirty

2. Merax Gaming Chair Review– Ergonomic Adjustable Racing Design

We inspected the product thoroughly and can clearly state that Merax Gaming Chair is one of the top choices for the home or office in 2017.

During the last couple of years more and more adults have been preferring the ergonomic over the stylish but with the brand new Merax Big and Tall Back Gaming Chair series they can opt for both.

Its groundbreaking ergonomic design will meet even the most rigorous and exacting person’s requirements and needs. Its appearance resembles a that of a fancy sport car and its shape is specifically created as to establish a tilt for one’s back.

There is not a single person who has not gone through the tedious experience of having back pains because of a bad chair choice. What is meant to bring people comfort can easily turn into the source of additional troubles. You will not experience such concerns with the latest Merax Gaming Chair model.

Comfort & Design

Merax High-Back Ergonomic chair is made out of PU leather which is also known as bi-cast leather. The material is usually covered with several layers of polyurethane which allows it to adjust to the shape of the back and neck. This allows for greater comfort and a bit of a luxury touch without an increase in the price.

The Merax Big and Tall Back Racing Chair is specifically intended for people who like to spend long hours in the company of video games but can be successfully put to great use in the office as well.

No matter if you prefer to spend your days playing your Xbox or your professional duty obligates you to spend most of your day in front of the computer, the Merax Gaming Chair is one of the best gaming chairs for keeping your back from being sore.

Its seat and backrest are fully covered in leather which makes it smooth to the touch. The rest of it is covered in the above mentioned PU leather and mesh fabric which relax the whole body with a focus on the muscles. Most of the professional opinions we looked at on the Internet and the experts we carried out special consultations with praise Merax High-Back Ergonomic Chair’s ability to allow the skin to breathe freely, eliminating all possibilities for sweat or heavy moisture generation.

Adjustability & Flexibility

Another solid feature is its 360-degree swivel rotation system which allows anyone who is using the product to also adjust its arm and seat functions. This characteristic makes it not only classy in design but extremely flexible and handy as well.

Those who might worry that the benefits which the Merax Racing Style Gaming Chair provides, such as its high ergonomic performance and leather outlook, might turn out to be a costly addition to one’s monthly budget, would love to learn that the product is actually quite affordable.

You will be fully enabled to bask in practically medidative experience that Merax Gaming Chair’s thick padded arm pillows and high backrest offer. The size of the latter is designed for moments of comfort when you just want to chill from the work day or rest your eyes a little bit from staring all day at the computer screen. It will help you get into a completely relaxed position that best suits your body type.

The Merax Gaming Chair is a good choice for people who wish their purchase to be completely justified. Its ergonomic and highly adjustable, yet stylish design will transfer you to a world of comfort and racing style in exchange for a pocket-friendly price.


  • Ergonomically-Smart
  • Stylish Design
  • PU Leather Fabric
  • Smooth & Comfortable
  • 360-Degree Swivel Rotation


  • Thin Seat Padding Layer
  • Constant Straight Up Back Position

3. DXRacer Gaming Chair – Professional & Fully Functional

DXRacer was one of the very first companies to begin developing chairs specifically for gamers a couple of years back when the whole concept for this sounded fruitless and nobody thought that the company would succeed.

The firm behind the popular product managed to turn people’s minds around and introduced a series of video game-inspired chairs that have since turned into the preferred and most comfortable option.

The DXRacer Gaming Chair pays close attention to detail and this is visible in their cutting-edge design and special features.

Although the company had a bumpy start, the three series that have proven themselves to fall among the fans’ top lists are the Formula, Racing and King models. Their names are derived from the fact that they are inspired by the Formula 1 games and the way a royal throne appears.

The company’s chairs have achieved such wide-spread popularity in the last decade that it was awarded the honor of being the so-called ‘seating host’ of the World Cyber Games 2013. This is all thanks to its adjustable and ergonomic, yet beautiful leather design.

Ergonomic but Stylish Design

The DXRacer Gaming Chair differs from most products that belong to the same category due to it looking like a luxurious item rather than an everyday object. Our team carried out exclusive consultations with back pain experts who managed to explain how exactly it helps relieve discomfort and annoying cramps in the body.

The different models of the infamous gaming chair vary in the size of the overall design but not in the delight and comfort they offer to users. If you yourself like it better when playing your favorite console with a friend or significant other or happen to have put an extra pound or two, then you should know that the DXRacer King Gaming Chair can withstand up to 400 pounds, or 181 kg.

The arm rests can move inwards or outwards towards your body making them highly adjustable. The same goes for the back, neck and lumbar pillows that will give clients a steady and firm grip on their body as well as provide maximum smoothness.

Technical Characteristics

All of the described features have 360-degree swivel connections that make them extremely flexible and plastic. The back pillow can be removed anytime the client wishes and its only minus is that it sways a little too easily. Mesh fabrics protect the skin from overheating.

The thing preventing us from outright giving DXRacer’s product the best gaming chair award is its price – it is a bit higher than some of the other options on the market which offer similar levels of comfort and utility. Nevertheless, the DXRacer Formula Gaming Chair is well worth the price, possessing a wide variety of characteristics and capabilities, as well allowing its parameters to be customized according to one’s personal preferences.

The DXRacer Highly Adjustable Leather Gaming Chair also has wide and strong castor wheels which form a strong support and do not allow the product to tilt in a random direction. What is visible from the opinion of online professionals is that its design is best suited for taller people but the smooth leather allows your skin to absorb air candidly.


  • Smooth Leather Coverage
  • Vertical & Horizontal Adjustment
  • Comfortable Models
  • Ergonomic & Highly Flexible
  • High Weight Rating
  • Smooth Arms Rests


  • Strange Backrest
  • Not Very Useful Neck Pillow

 4. Aeron Chair by Herman Miller – Solid Ergonomic Office Solution

The Aeron Chair by Herman Miller is not only the perfect fit for any body type but its breathtakingly stylish design is a true eye-catcher. One can even say that it has a distinctive look because of its butterfly-shaped support for the lower back of the user.

Players of different video games appear to be the most common target audience for the creators and designers of most room chairs. On the other hand there are the office workers spending at least 8 hours a day in front of the computer screen, in dire need of an ergonomically-smart solution for their back and muscles.

This is why we researched the top possible options and consulted a lot of experts in the field. It turns out that there is a company which has been in operation for the last 10 years, specializing in the manufacturing and production of office chairs.

The Herman Miller Aeron Chair sizes are three: A, B and C. The seat size is neither customizable, nor adjustable, so users need to check out the exact parameters of it in order to make sure that they have made the best possible choice for their specific body type. But the manufacturer offers one of the longest-lasting warranties in the industry.

Style & Ergonomics

The new Aeron Chair comes in a couple of different color profiles but the predominant color of most models is black, which makes it highly stylish and fashionable. Mesh is the preferred surface type, leaving room for plenty of air to keep the back and lower body parts dry, no matter what the humidity level of the room is.

Another solid component are the arm rests. They are made out of adjustable vinyl and the whole Herman Miller Aeron Chair is constructed with a graphite frame in order to ensure stability. The PostureFit Lumbar Support Kit , which is patented by the company, has reportedly aided a lot of people in getting rid of their painful neck, leg and back problems.

You should not forget that there is also a lumbar support cushion and you can customize it yourself – whether you prefer it to be a deep of shallow one. This is one of the main selling points of the Aeron Office Chair by Herman Miller – it can meet and comply with even the most precise requirements, as can be expected by one of the best gaming chair on the market right now.

Price & Accessibility

The Herman Miller Aeron Chair price is reasonable and pocket-friendly. Purchasing it would be a smart investment. To add more on the positive side, each chair comes with a 10 to 12 year warranty.

This is why this Aeron Chair review concludes that the product is a savvy option for both avid gamers who spend all day in front of the PSP and professionals alike.

During our sessions with ergonomic specialists we managed to establish that this is one of the top choices for people who work from the comfort of their very own homes or spend long and exhaustive hours in the office. If they make Herman Miller’s creation their preferred sitting spot, they will be ensuring a future that is free from back pains.


  • 10 to 12 Year Warranty
  • Butterfly-Shaped Lower Back Support
  • Posture Fit, Mesh & Versatile
  • Stylish Graphite Frame
  • Adjustable Vinyl Arms


  • Non-Customizable Chair Sizes
  • Slightly Rising Edges on the Sides

5. Steelcase Gesture Gaming Chair – Flexible & Ergonomic

It is very hard to carry on with your everyday tasks with the burden of having to endure tedious crumbs, muscle spasms and aches in the back and neck areas. This is where Steelcase Gesture Gaming Chair comes into the picture.

Do not let the name fool you. The company is in the comfortable furniture manufacturing business for over a century now and they have developed a well-deserved reputation for quality chair-making. This Steelcase Gesture Chair review will focus on one particular brand of theirs.

Their chair prices might be a little above the usual level but the products will quickly make up for it with their excellence and superior performance. Even though initially intended for offices and work places, you should not regard Steelcase Gesture furniture as work-bound.

Keeping You Fit with Lavish Design

Our research into the manufacturer managed to reveal that there are more than a handful of gamers who spend all day in front of their Xbox One the who rely on the high quality and luxurious outlook of the product to keep them physically healthy and comfortable.

Among Steelcase Gesture Gaming Chair’s top characteristics falls the fact that it is available in multiple designs. People who wish to have a piece of sitting furniture which allows the skin and the body to breathe freely without fearing additional sweating can go for the pure leather models.

If you prefer diversity then you should know that the company uses a number of rich materials, virgin wool included. All of them make the product feel luxurious in presence and appearance.

As for the Steelcase Gesture Office Chair price – it is a little bit higher but you should remember that you are investing in an ache-free life for yourself.

Backrest, Arm Rest & Live Back Technology

The more technical parameters include a nob on the right side of the chair that allows you to adjust the direction of the piece of furniture – forward or backward.

A forward position of the chair your are sitting on will cause less stress to the waist, while a backward one makes the body feel generally more relaxed, because it mimics the spinal structure during deep sleep.

Steelcase Gesture armrest is another characteristic which stands for less physical load on this part of the body, especially the elbows. The ball-and-socket form is highly adjustable and provides the possibility for tilting and customizing of the angles.

A more curious factor here is that the armrests are not fixed to the right and left side of the chair, merely to the back part.

Steelcase Gesture backrest features the Live Back Technology which is exclusive only to and specifically created and established by the company behind the chair. The lumbar support can be fully adjusted and takes the shape of the person who is sitting in it and his back curve almost automatically.

To top off the research on one of the top gaming chairs to have been released in recent times: it has been recommended by a number of prominent spine health experts. Its unique, stylish and diverse design makes the Steelcase Gesture Leather Chair perfectly suitable for long hours in front of the computer, be it for work or gaming purposes.

A good chair is like a good bed – it is there for you for years to come. It was the gaming community that first introduced the world to the significant importance of having a finely constructed piece of furniture on which to sit without long-lasting implications. The Steelcase Gesture Gaming Chair is exemplary when it comes to this.


  • Exclusive Live Back Technology
  • A Plethora of Possible Designs
  • Suitable Both for Work & Games
  • Enables Longer Productivity Periods
  • Highly Flexible & Adjustable


  • Horizontal Position Cannot be Locked
  • Polyester Model May Attract Hair

A good chair needs a solid desk!

Check out our recommended gaming desks detailed article and make your decision easier! We have shortlisted the best models oout there.

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Best Gaming Chairs 2017 – Buyer’s Guide

There are several key factors to consider when choosing the best gaming chair. Each passing year brings different innovations and upgrades to existing models or brings forth completely new ones which go the general gaming public. Each one of them has its positive and negative sides and it is up to the end user to make the tough final weighing of the scales according to his or her own personal preferences.

No one can tell you which are the characteristics that are of the utmost importance. Some of them, like having an ergonomic design and fashionable outlook, are generally regarded as critical but each and every player has the right to decide for him or herself.

We have compiled a short list of some of the most significant things you should watch out for when choosing the newest addition to your personal gaming or work space.

They are as follows:

  • Comfort Aspect: Ergonomics were not always a key element of the furniture manufacturing process but the widespread popularity of gaming led to changes. The best gaming chair would have to possess a back rest, arm rest, lumbar cushion and other components that are crucial for making you feel cozy.
  • Fabrics Used: Different people prefer different fabrics. PU leather is being applied more often than ever, because it gives a rich-feeling touch while being eco-friendly at the same time. Another good thing about it is that it allows the skin to breathe.
  • Adjustability & Flexibility: Most gaming chair models provide the opportunity for users to adjust their height and width as well as to put the arm rests in the best possible position in order to avoid wrist stress.
  • Assembly: All gaming chairs should be easy-to-assemble and the inclusion of an instructions manual is a must.
  • Size & Storage: You should always keep in mind the fact that the most comfortable gaming chairs are usually large in size, so before purchasing one you should take the time to consider where you are going to place and store it.
  • Average Cost: This is a serious factor for most people as the global economic situation has not been very rosy in the last decade. However, if there is a gaming or office chair that has all the necessary features but is a little too costly for your personal standards, then keep in mind that the investment you are making is going to pay itself off in the future.
  • Good Design: The best gaming chairs manage to successfully combine comfort value, lavish outlook and ergonomics into one product. This is what you should opt for.
  • Upkeep: A solid gaming or office room solution should be easy to take care of. Some manufacturers of gaming chairs apply specific fabrics and materials, so that the end product does not attract additional dust or dirt particles.

The Key to Choosing the Right Gaming Chair

It is never easy to choose the product that will best suit all your needs and can smoothly be applied into your daily life and routine. All of our suggestions have been carefully examined, tested and approved after carrying out talks and consultations with gaming and ergonomic experts.

People started talking about ergonomics just after the emergence of the computer. We started noticing that although sometimes extremely fun, having to constantly operate a PC or a laptop could also lead to constant pains and aches. This is why quality gaming chairs and tables manufacturers always have the ergonomic factor in mind.

We hope to have provided you with a versatile and diverse list from which you can personally pick the best possible one. You should keep in mind that things such as the lumbar support cushion, the backrest and arm rests are of crucial importance for ensuring an enhanced, pleasant and healthy time in front of your personal computer regardless of whether you are going to spend it playing or working.

The capability to withstand humidity and keep your body parts dry is also not to be neglected and so are the appearance and the warranty period. We could not stress that enough but ultimately, the choice is up to you.

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