Best Gaming Desk 2017 Reviews

Best Gaming Desks 2017Having one of the best gaming desks in your home or office space can enhance your PC gaming or usage considerably, as the convenience and comfort they provide cannot be overstated – they are not mere toys.

People only really started realizing the benefits of a proper desk and chair relatively recently because prior to that our everyday activities did not involve so much time being spent in front of the computer.

Human and PC have become almost inseparable – whether you are playing a video game in your leisure time or getting critically important stuff done for work.

To help you choose the solution which is right for you, personally, we have compiled an exclusive review of the top gaming desks for 2017 that is based on thorough examination of the top ergonomic solutions.

A recently-released study on the time the average person spends in front of a screen per day revealed a shocking fact. In the USA alone, you are most likely to dedicate 7.4 out of 24 hours to a smart or desktop device.

Best Gaming Desks 2017

Since we can not eliminate computers from the present reality, the best thing we could do is to ensure we have a comfortable and healthy environment in which our relationship could thrive.

PreviewProductDimensions (W/D/H)Weight 
E-Blue USA Gaming DeskE-Blue USA Gaming Desk1200, 1000 or 900 x 803 x 810mm
Walker Edison SorenoWalker Edison Soreno1295 x 508 x 737mm25.8kg
Atlantic Gaming Desk ProAtlantic Gaming Desk Pro1295 x 622 x 909mm20kg
DXRacer Gaming DeskDXRacer Gaming Desk1201 x 800 x 787mm22.7kg
Envelop Desk by Herman MillerEnvelop Desk by Herman Miller1143 x 781 x 838mm34.5kg

1. E-Blue USA Gaming Desk – Wireless & Glowing

E-Blue USA Gaming DeskEnter E-Blue USA LED Gaming Desk – the desk which puts the G in gaming. A good part of video games have a science-fiction theme, so it is only logical that designers of gaming would often go for a futuristic, science-fictiony vision to go along with them.

More experienced and professional players that like to compete in tournaments will tell you that there is nothing like having the perfect environment and gear for ensuring superior performance and unfaltering concentration.

Product Design

The initial idea of the product’s concept designers was to create something which evoked the though of space craft, hence the built-in LED lights. Experts recommend that users turn off all bright lights in the room, apart from the gaming desk and the computer screens, in order to witness the E-Blue Gaming Desk’s full capacity.

The company behind the product also manufactures gaming seats, the E-Blue Auroza being the most popular one.

You should keep one thing in mind when trying to assemble the E-Blue USA Gaming Desk – it is extremely heavy and hard to lift. This goes to provide further stability for the user but can create a certain degree of discomfort.

You can switch between red and blue color profiles to better match the atmosphere you prefer. Our experience with the glowing gaming desk confirmed that it truly does manage to create a surreal and space-like atmosphere in the room.

For example, the decorative transparent acrylic plate material begins to glow when the software detects that the player is engaging in battle. All of these features synergistically improve the immersion and the overall gaming experience.

E-Blue LED Gaming Desk’s list of advantages does not stop here but also includes a satin finish surface for for better optical tracking. The desk has a durable I-shaped feet bar, so that players can rest their feet in greater comfort while enjoying their game.

If you happen to fall upon any kind of troubles concerning the W-Blue Gaming Desk assembly, then you can always contact the company’s support center which operates 24/7. The E-Blue Gaming Desk instructions are available in several different languages and are written in a way that is easy-to-understand. You should not be experiencing any kind of troubles when attempting to put it together.

The desk board is constructed out of medium density fibers and has a U-shaped base for stability. The latter is also the main reason why the table is made entirely out of steel.

E-Blue USA LED Gaming Desk’s price fully complies with the purchasing abilities of the modern man. Its cost is competitive and reasonable, so that any player can enjoy and participate in the gaming wonders it offers.

Our research into this piece of furniture suggests that it is surely the top choice for 2017. Its vibrant LED glow truly leaves the impression that you are walking around an alien land. What more can you ask for?

The E-Blue Wireless Gaming Desk is the first one in the world to feature full-time glowing effects. They can be controlled and adjusted on the fly thanks to its wireless remote control system. Users can just sit back and bask in comfort and alluring beauty.


  • LED Glow Lights
  • Wireless Remote
  • Corners & Edge Protection
  • Satin Finish Surface
  • Spaceship Craft Concept Design
  • ERGO-Powered


  • Desk Surface May Attract Dust
  • Heavy & Hard to Lift

2. Walker Edison Soreno Corner Desk Review – Stylish, Lavish & Ergonomic

Walker Edison SorenoIt is time to give more attention to the Walker Edison Soreno Corner Desk. Most of its models are composed as a lavish 3-piece table that is constructed out of either wood or steel. The available colors are different shades of black and silver and the desk can be set onto any type of flooring.

The Walker Edison Soreno is not simply one of the best gaming desks, but also simply a comfortable table that would be a fine addition to the surroundings of almost every room, no matter if it is an office space or somebody’s personal virtual reality room. This is why it is extremely important for it to be designed in such a way as to be suitable in both situations.

Walker Edison Computer Desk has a highly versatile and flexible form which can have an I- or L-shape.

To be more precise about the Edison Corner 3-Piece Corner Desk dimensions – they are 51 x 20 x 29 inches. The weight of the gaming table does not exceed 62 lbs which makes it extremely easy to lift and move.

The 3-Piece Corner Desk is not among the most popular Walker Edison models, such as the d51z29, d511b29 and d31s29b. The latter are best known for their high resistance and endurance capacity and for the unique style which helps people break free from shabby and uninspired surroundings.

Walker Edison I-Shape Corner Computer Desk impresses users not only with a sleek design, but also with the fact that when you order it, it comes supplied with two 21-inch deep rectangular desktops.

Probably the most special feature of the Walker Edison Student Desk is the fact that it has a sliding keyboard tray and a tempered safety glass, making it extremely easy for users work on.

The sturdy steel frame comes with a black powder coat finish which further ensures stability and completes the high-class outlook of the piece of furniture that can be placed anywhere in the office or gaming room.

Our final conclusions is that the Walker Edison Soreno corner desk is one of the best offerings on the market. Its price is very consumer-friendly but this does not mean that the team that designed the gaming desk did not put a lot of effort in order to make it chic and resistant to the effects that the passage of time might have on it.

The company that manufactures the infamous gaming desks – Walker Edison Furniture was established back in 2006. Its stated purpose is supplying regular people with pocket-smart but trendy and fashionable products that are made out of top quality materials. Its executives say that their philosophy and inner drive can be summarized by the following statement ‘Live Outside the Box’.


  • Sleek Silver & Black Design
  • Affordable Price
  • Includes Assembly Instructions
  • Sliding Keyboard Frame
  • Tempered Safety Glass
  • Steel Frame with Powder Coat Finished


  • Insufficient Keyboard Tray Space
  • Alignment of Holes Could be Better

3. Atlantic Gaming Desk Pro – Top Quality Product

Atlantic Gaming Desk ProThe Atlantic Gaming Desk Pro is a helpful organizer that can easily put all gaming gears in one place thus ensuring easy access and order. Not only this, there is also plenty of space for other accessories such as drinks and headphones, so even during continuous playing sessions you will feel perfectly comfortable and everything you need will be at your fingertips.

First, it should be mentioned that the design of the Atlantic Gaming Desk Pro is absolutely premium as it is built from quality and lasting materials. The desktop is charcoal colored carbon fiber and the front facing is curved for close-up comfort. The product is stable and you can place up to a 32 inch monitor weighting up to 40 pounds. However, the stand is not mandatory, as you can remove it in case you already have some kind of set up.

The holes on all compartments are pre-drilled so you can assemble the gaming desk with ease. The panel stand lets you use your laptop and TV/Monitor at the same time, while charging your smart phone, for example.

The durability of the used materials will grant years of use without any problems and complaints.

It is extremely important for gamers to pay attention to the material which the desk is built from. This is the first thing you should watch for – the best gaming desks are not cheaply built, neither are they flimsy. Thankfully, the Atlantic Gaming Desk Pro is built of solid and durable materials but can be quite heavy.

Comfort & Usefulness

The Atlantic Gaming Desk Pro offers a great variety of additional stands that fully take care of the gaming gear’s arrangement. Users can take advantage of the Place for 2 Speakers – up to 6” x 5”, Game Storage, Drawer, 2 Controller Hooks, Headphone and Cup Holder, Wire-Management, etc.

Another important fact about the Atlantic Gaming Desk Pro is that even though it is a gaming table, you can use it for work, too. It just keeps all your equipment in one place, no matter if it is gaming gear or business accessories.

You can even use the desk for playing both on the PC and on gaming consoles. There is enough space and arranging tools to make that happen.

To sum it up

Atlantic Gaming Desk Pro is a useful and valuable solution for all gamers and people who are seeking to create and personalize a working place of their own. There are many current users of the product which share positive feedback about the comfort this desk has brought to their gaming experience.

The Atlantic Gaming Desk Pro is a comfortable and affordable solution for every player.


  • Solid & Durable Steel & PVC Construction
  • Pre-Made Holes
  • Speaker Stands Available
  • Removable Monitor Stand
  • Additional Space for Multiple Monitors


  • Assembly Not Always Easy
  • Heavy

4. DXRacer Gaming Desk Review – Top Quality Experience

The most popular product of the company at hand is probably the DXRacer Gaming Chair which has received international praise from the gaming community and has even been included in a number of infamous PS tournaments and events.

DXRacer Gaming Desk deserves an equal amount of thought as it not only amplifies the quality of the gaming experience, but also provides full body support and ensures that you have both ample space and comfort.

The ergonomics of your desk are equally important as that of your chair. One can experience serious back, arm and leg pains from sitting at an edgy and ill-fitting desk. They could even turn into a chronic disease if left without the proper attention.

Probably the only disadvantage of the model is that it does not have a sufficient number of holes through which the cables can pass. This could easily be solved by bunching them all together.

You will be quite satisfied to learn that DXRacer Gaming Desk utilizes materials that are top quality, making sure that your investment in the product is worth it. A fine example of this is the base board which is constructed out of natural wood. It is almost a whole inch thick and weighs exactly 37.15 lbs.

The back side of the DXRacer Computer Desk is composed out of carbon fiber feather with computer-themed embroidery to give it a more fashionable and cyberpunk touch. Users would not have to worry about stability either as the legs of the table have solid impact resistance and exhibit no unwanted lateral movement.

Each trapezoid foot has sturdysteel framing to better support the DXRacer Desk and this is the main reason why you can safely place as many things on it as you like.

DXRacer Gaming Desk comes with an instructions manual, so it is quite easy to assemble. We did not come across any complaints as to this process. The desk can perform up to a full 360-degree rotation and has a raised perimeter.

To summarize the evaluation of this cleverly-designed and stylish computer desk, we can say that it has an expanded space, great outlook and provides safety and stability as it amounts to 80 lbs in weight.

In their quest for building the best gaming desk, DXRacer were inspired by Formula 1 design-wise. Applied colors are in shades of red, white and green contrasting the deep black outlining. The company has been in operation for more than a decade and has never failed to meet users’ requirements and expectations.


  • Enhances Gaming Experience
  • Steel Framed Trapezoid Feet
  • Computer-themed Embroidery
  • Carbon Fiber Feather Material
  • Rotates Up to 360 Degrees
  • Extra Support for the Forearms


  • Not Enough Cable Holes
  • Heavy to Lift

5. Envelop Desk by Herman Miller – As Flexible as the Name Suggests

Introducing the Envelope Desk by Herman Miller. It is one of the world’s first highly flexible and fully rotating tables. Most companies that manufacture office and home furniture have made one critical mistake up to now – they constructed and designed their products to be completely fixed and immobile.

One of the most important things you should keep in mind when proceeding to choose just the right desk for your home office space is whether its technical parameters would suit you and cater to all of your needs. We are going to present you with a solution that will work just perfectly for gamers and professionals alike.

Executives at the company that builds the Herman Miller Desk cleverly noticed this tendency of inflexibility and decided to turn the market around and create something truly unique.

You will find no Envelope Desk alternative which does “flexible” quite as well. It is a pioneering endeavour in many ways and if you are wondering how its name originated– it came from the shape. The piece of furniture can slide gently back and forth from you. There is no inconvenient distance between yourself and the items on the table as you can adjust it exactly according to your very own preferences.

Many users have stated that they have begun feeling more relaxed and experiencing back, neck and spine pain relief after using the Herman Miller foot rest. The desk itself is angled at every side, so that users do not have to re-arrange everything that is put on top of it if they wish to get a hold of something.

There is also a hollow space at the front in the shape of a curve facing inwards for greater flexibility, making it easy for you to sit as close or as far away from the computer screen as you wish.

The prime characteristic of the Envelop Desk by Herman Miller is the fact that it stimulates and provokes you to move your body. You will never again feel like a tied knot after a hard day’s work or play.

The Herman Miller Envelop Desk assembly instructions are included directly into the delivery package and are quite easy to follow. You should not experience any troubles when putting it together. The only thing which could be considered a disadvantage about it is the fact that it does not provide a lot of space for different objects on its base.

This Envelop Desk review arrives at the logical conclusion that the product is finely designed and cunningly-constructed. It is not only a stylish addition to any office or home space – it will invoke in you the desire to get up and shake it up a bit.

The Envelope Desk by Herman Miller was designed by the same people that presented the public with the company’s infamous Aeron and Embody gaming chairs – Jeff Webber and Bill Stumpf. You might have noticed the product at the end of the 2014 sci-fi movie Lucy with Scarlett Johansson.


  • Unique Envelop Design
  • Stimulates Movement
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Caster Wheels
  • Ergonomic & Comfortable
  • Affordable Price


  • Not a Lot of Desk Space


How to Pick the Best Gaming Desk? – Buyer’s Guide

Here we are going to pay closer attention to the factors that make up a top notch gaming desk. You might be familiar with some of them but it is good to re-assert them so that you learn them by heart and know exactly what you are looking for.

Comfort and ergonomics might be one of the prime reasons why people decide to improve their home or office surroundings but they are not the only thing you should be looking for when deciding to invest your savings in a particular product.

Here are the main things you should be on a constant lookout for:

  • Used Materials: It is of crucial importance to know exactly what type of material was used in the construction process of your gaming desk of choice. Wood is good but steel is definitely better because it grants better stability.
  • Ergonomics & Comfort: This partially depends on the design type of the given gaming desk model but a proper fit for you will ensure a pleasant and pain-free PC experience in which you can fully indulge without suffering from wrist, back or leg cramps.
  • Design & Outlook: Ever since furniture manufacturers first started displaying interest in the gaming community, there have been all sorts of improvements being made. From flashy LED-fueled glow light effects to wireless remotes – you can have almost anything. The choice is yours.
  • Durability & Stability: You should always keep in mind that your gaming desk should have the ability to carry and handle a keyboard, mouse and monitor at the least. It would be nice if it also had some additional space for food and beverages, speakers and subwoofers, etc.
  • Storage & Portability: Taking into the account the room where your gaming or office desk is going to be is also essential. It all depends on whether you prefer to have a more compact or large one. There are many different kinds. As mentioned in the review above, some can even be adjusted into an I- or L-shape.
  • Assembly Process: The gaming desk must come with an assembly instruction manual. It would be preferable if it requires minimal use of specific tools, unless you are well stocked at home, of course. This is why it is best to get yourself acquainted with what it takes to put it together before proceeding with the actual order.
  • Care & Maintenance: Of course, it is always a good idea to keep an eye on your gaming or office desk. Regular clean up is also recommended. That said, you should not have to spend all day polishing the item just because the company skimped on dust repellent coating or materials.
  • Price Range: It all depends on your very own spending abilities but it is very possible to find a solid gaming desk that has excellent characteristics and technical parameters within a normal price range.

Importance of Having a Comfortable Desk

All of the above described products have been carefully examined by our team and the suggestions are a result of long hours spend researching and consulting with specialists. No matter which one of them you might choose, you are in for a treat.

Unless some more technologically visionary scenarios come true in the years to come, all of us are most likely going to spend most of their daily time operating in VR. This means that you have to do everything in your power to feel relaxed and comfy in your nearest surroundings.

You must always include movement in your daily routine if you want to lead a healthy and ache-free life. A small change like playing video games that involve some type of augmented reality physical activities from time to time could seriously increase your energy levels.

Many do not realize that having a gaming or office desk that complies with the recommendations of physicians and the updated ergonomic standards is a significant factor in leading a fruitful and satisfactory life.

Sometimes this means to invest wisely in your future. Do not hesitate to do it!

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