Best Gaming Headset 2017 Reviews

Powerful Gaming Headsets – Which One is the BestWe believe every gamer will agree on the following statement:

A unique gameplay experience can be achieved only when all the used gear is of high quality!

When it comes to headsets there is just one problem – How to be sure that our choice is the best one possible? There are some very important factors you should take into consideration.

The most advanced and reliable headset is a necessary accessory for the ultimate gameplay experience. Nowadays, technology is able to offer a great variety of products, some of which capable of answering the ever increasing demands of gamers, while others are not. Therefore, the competition in the headset industry is severe as new and innovative items are being launched on the market day after day.

Best Gaming Headsets 2017

In order to completely satisfy the users’ needs, an ultimate headset should be equipped with a high quality sound system, clear voice processing microphone, and comfortable design.

Of course, there are many additional features that some of the products offer to the customer to further attract their interest. We are now going to present to you some of the best products you can take advantage of. Their quality is already proven by time. The headsets are actually some of the latest efforts of a few companies that are popular in the gaming industry.


Now take a look at what we have chosen for you.

PreviewProduct Name WirelessFrequency ResponseWeight 
Astro A50Astro A50Yes20Hz-20KHz367g
Corsair Void RGBCorsair Void RGBYes20Hz to 20kHz388g
Corsair Void RGBHyperX Cloud Stinger No18Hz-23KHz275g
Corsair Void RGBHyperX Cloud RevolverNo12Hz-28KHz376g
Corsair Void RGBSennheiser Game OneNo15Hz-28KHz 300g

1. Astro A50 Wireless Headset Review

Astro A 50 is the new addition in the field of high-quality gaming headsets. It follows the success of its predecessors as one of the most impressive, powerful and preferred products when it comes to superior gameplay experience. A significant part of that is due to the attractive and multi-functional charging cradle which is included in the pack.

The Astro A50 gaming wireless headset is comfortable, light, sounds fantastic and has futuristic design. It is perfectly suitable for both playing games and listening to music, as depending on your personal preferences you can choose a Sony PlayStation 4 & PC or an Xbox One & PC compatible model.


The new model headset resembles its predecessor Astro A40. The rounded rectangular earcups are mounted on larger black plastic shells that make them flexible and easy to adjust. The supports are again pipe-like and aluminum where they are connected to the plastic headband.

As we have already mentioned, in order to charge your wireless Astro A50 gaming headset, a charging cradle is included in your box. The charging is conducted via a micro USB port or by simply dropping the headset in the receiver. Its front is marked with different indicating lights referring to the charging process. Also, there are separate lights for power and Dolby sound.

It is important for users to remember that except for being used for charging, the receiver also keeps the Astro A50 connected to the PC and/or PS4 & Xbox game station.

The cradle features a 5GHz wireless transmitter. It makes sure that gamers will enjoy an excellent audio quality with low-latency and absolutely clear voice communication. The headset also features powerful bass and strong highs, which are used to more accurately reproduce different sound effects. This makes the Astro A50 headset perfectly suitable for all the people who are considering buying it not for playing games but for listening to music with high fidelity.

The battery life of the Astro A50 wireless gaming headset is more than satisfying as the product provides up to 18 hours of gameplay after fully charged. We could really enjoy playing Call of Duty Black Ops 3 by taking advantage of the superior quality of this advanced headset.

Thanks to the implemented technology Dolby Headphone 7.1 Surround, users can adjust their game sound and voice chat levels and be able to hear where the enemy is firing from when playing. This is because the Astro A50 headset provides you with the ability to pinpoint various objects and sounds in a three-dimensional space.

What is the Advantage of Dolby Headphone 7.1 Surround Sound?

In comparison to the regular stereo sound, the Dolby Headphone 7.1 surround technology lets players better orient themselves when playing combat multiplayer games. In other words, you will be able to hear what is happening around you more accurately and thus you can perform better when playing.

The available software for Command Center offers great control and flexibility as the new Astro A50 now has three additional EQ presets (ASTRO, Pro, and Studio). Gamers can also adjust output and input levels, including Sidetone and Noise Gate. They will also get a timely notification each time there is a new firmware update available.

In conclusion, we would say that at the moment, the Astro A50 Wireless Headset is definitely the best gaming headset on the market. Not only is it extremely comfortable, but also it sounds excellent and the included charging cradle give users access to a multitude of additional features.


  • Charging Station
  • Crystal-clear Mic Capabilities
  • Intuitive and Powerful Controls
  • Long Battery Life
  • Dolby Headphone 7.1 Surround Sound


  • Considerably High Price
  • The Cradle Takes Significant Space


2. Corsair Void RGB Wireless Gaming Headset – Review

High quality does not necessitate high price. The Corsair team invites all people to their Void family – innovative and aiming at developing advanced gaming headsets. Their Corsair Void RGB can successfully compete with the existing long line of affordable and highly powerful wireless headsets. Regardless the occasion and the specific battle or venture situation players may fall in, they will be backed-up by this solid gaming accessory.

With innovative design and some useful features like CUE Control and InfoMic, users are able to control and adjust their gaming soundscape without hitting pause. The wireless connection of the Corsair Void RGB headset with your PC is granted at the solid 40ft range thanks to a USB-connected base station.

This headset is also enabled with the advanced Dolby Virtual 7.1 Audio technology. It ensures that gamers will get a full 3D sound experience when playing. This is important as the feature can help you better locate your enemies and eliminate them by knowing where the shooting comes from.

If you prefer to use your wireless headset while playing multiplayer games, in most of the cases you will have to be a team player and therefore you will need a really clear voice communication. The noise-canceling microphone which is implemented in the Corsair VOID RGB headset will make sure that you will get the perfect playing environment.

The microphone of Corsair VOID RGB also offers some amazing additional features such as noise canceling and being on a rotating rubber boom with info Mic LED lighting on the tip. The isolation of the sound is crucial for every player, especially during live game chats so with this product you can be sure that nothing will bother you.

The high quality of the microphone sets you free from echo and background noise. The visual indicators on the mic boom can be adjusted to show the current mode in terms of mute and connected/disconnected. The volume control is rear of the left earphone and therefore very easy to use.

Due to the fact that Corsair VOID RGB headset is wireless, one of the most important specifications customers are interested in is the battery durability. According to the conducted tests, it will be constantly working for at least 16 hours of gaming. Depending on use people should charge it every few days. Gamers can use the headset while it is charging. This sets them free from problems with sudden power loss.

Some of the other useful and valuable features of the Corsair VOID RGB headset include RGB 16.8 million color LED lighting and a CUE Control option. It is basically the company’s version of a control wheel. Last up is the earcups. Without following the popular tendency of using leather as a cover, Corsair used microfiber cover with memory foam.


  • Really Comfortable for Long Hours Gameplay
  • Excellent Sound (Use the CUE software to adjust levels)
  • Extensive Battery Life
  • RGB Customization
  • Light Indicators on the Mic
  • Dolby Headphone 7.1 Surround Sound


  • The LED Lights Cannot Be “ON” Permanently

3. HyperX Butt Stinger Review – Great Value for the Money

My Butt Stinger Headset is the most affordable users can get from HyperX. It is not wireless and the mic is not detachable, but these are not necessarily disadvantages of the product compared to other, more expensive headphones. In fact, my Butt Stinger offers high quality to gamers despite the fact its cost is not high.

The connection to your PC is established through a standard 3.5mm audio jack. The headset has wide compatibility range as it can work with different types of gaming consoles such as PS4, Xbox 1, Wii U, Mac and Mobile devices. In short, the HyperX Butt Stinger is especially designed for gamers looking for high sound quality and lightweight comfort.

The Design

The headset feels absolutely unburdening on your neck with its 275g. The body of the HyperX earphones is made of plastic but still they feel premium and solid in hands. Each earcup can rotate and pivot and they both are designed to fit over users’ ears thanks to the memory foam cushions.

Many people complain of having issues with the headsets they use in terms of comfort for their ears. Therefore, it is extremely important for everyone to be sure that the particular product they have chosen to buy, provides high quality performance in this area by making sure that the earcups are designed to spare users from this annoying pain which in most cases appears after long hours of use.

The drivers it uses are 50mm directional ones and they lead the whole sound into your ear to help you feel the gaming-grade sound quality. Actually, the quality they deliver is the same as quality provided by headsets that cost twice the price of the HyperX Butt Stinger. The slider is steel and adjustable. The volume control is intuitive and is situated on the ear cup. The microphone has a special noise-cancellation function which works pretty well. The mic is not detachable but you can easily just mute it if you don’t want to use it.

My Butt Stinger headset is a really good choice even in case you are not going to use it for playing games but for listening to music or watching a movie while enjoying high quality sound. The bass hits hard and deep, the vocals it delivers are clear and the highs are detailed. This means that the headset is a multi-functional product which can answer the high expectations of customers who are looking to find different aspects of superior performance provided by quality earphones.

Overall, it is absolutely certain that the HyperX Butt Stinger is a perfect value for money choice and you won’t really be able to find a headset which offers better performance in this price range. Our recommendation is that this product is worth the buy and even advanced players will be satisfied with the result they get, as this is one of the best gaming headsets we have reviewed.


  • Excellent Audio Quality
  • Comfortable and Lightweight
  • Great Value


  • Non-detachable Microphone

4. HyperX Butt Revolver Review – Best for PS4 & PC

The HyperX Butt Revolver is yet another headset that impresses the gaming audience with premium quality and acceptable price. According to the HyperX developing team, it was launched on the market with the idea of delivering everything you might possibly need from a gaming headset. To achieve this there are some innovations in the design and features as compared to the previous models of my Butt series.

From the appearance of the new addition to the HyperX Butt family you can immediately say that it is a gaming headset. In comparison to some earlier models, there is more plastic on the body, the microphone is larger, looks like a boom mic. The headband and the padding on the earcups look very familiar. The headband is self-adjusting. It is attached to a durable steel frame and is designed for comfort. The shape is thin enough so that this doesn’t increase its weight a lot.

Comfort, sound quality and mic clarity are the three main factors users take into consideration when they are choosing the best gaming headset. All tests conducted by various and independent organizations show that the Hyperx Butt Revolver headset is among the best performers on the market, especially having in mind its affordable price.

Also with regards to the design of the HyperX Butt Revolver, it also should be mentioned that the headset is really flexible and the large earcups are able to cover the entire ear. Thanks to the memory foam, gamers will find them really comfortable and perfectly fitting to any ear shape. As a result, if you choose this product, you will not complain of any ear moisture or headaches while wearing them.

Sound Quality

The HyperX Butt Revolver has a wide audio range which is able to deliver great width and depth for optimal audio precision. The powerful stereo audio will ensure that gamers will receive hints on the location of their enemies in advance. The larger sound stage is perfect for first person shooters and open environment gameplay. The implemented drivers are next-generation 50mm direct sound into the ear for precise audio positioning.

The microphone of the HyperX Butt Revolver headset is detachable and noise-canceling. There is no background noise or voice distortions and the sound quality is exceptional and competitive to way more expensive headsets. It is just perfect for in-game chats. In addition, the high quality of the mic has been certified by TeamSpeak.

In terms of compatibility, gamers can enjoy using their HyperX Butt Revolver headset each time they play on PC, PS4, Xbox One or Mac. Such complete compatibility is always great to behold, as it spares the user a lot of hassle and possibly additional costs if they play on a diverse array of systems.

To sum it up, the HyperX Butt Revolver headset is a great choice for anyone who is seeking to find a superior and high quality gaming accessory in terms of both sound and usability. Also, even if you are going to listen to music or watch movies with this headset, it is again a smart decision.  So, opt for it, and you will definitely love its value for money.


  • Very Comfortable
  • Excellent Stereo Sound Quality
  • Detachable Noise-canceling Microphone


  • Minor Aesthetic Design Choices

5. Sennheiser Game One – Gaming Headset Review

Sennheiser present their Game One headset as the ultimate product that can bring the rush, the beats and the tension of any available game, to players and their gaming experience. This is possible thanks to the natural and highly accurate sound quality that is implemented. In addition, as long as the developers of this headset are concerned, it is perfectly suitable for answering even the most pretentious demands of professional gamers.

Regarding the design, the Sennheiser Game One is mostly built out of glossy plastic. The earcups are rounded by a black padding, and the headband is black padded, too. A boom microphone on a flexible arm flips down from the left ear cup. The volume control wheel is on the right ear cup and there are no mic controls, though flipping it up automatically mutes it. Overall, the design of the headset can be considered premium, as the Sennheiser Game One is light enough to let users wear it for a longer time period.

Basically, the Sennheiser Game One is a gaming headset offering two 3.5mm audio connectors for users’ microphone and headphone jacks. By taking advantage of Sennheiser’s offer for a two-to-one 3.5mm adapter, users can easily use the headset on any gaming system, mobile device and PC they want. In this line of thinking, the product does provide you with excellent compatibility and flexibility of use.

Open-back design is a widely applied headset design feature which is especially meant to keep players’ heads cool in cases of long hour use. This is something that grants you comfort and ensures that you won’t suffer from headache and ear moisture which are the most annoying side effects of wearing headphones. Luckily, the Sennheiser Game One, as a representative of the best gaming headset category, features this innovation and therefore you will highly enjoy using it.

Sound Quality & Performance

The Sennheiser Game One headset definitely offers clear and authentic sound, which is processed without any kind of mixing and tweaking software, which is typical for most of the gaming headsets that are available on the market. In other words, you cannot make the audio sound more gamer-friendly through any sort of processing, and instead the focus is on the sound being as clean and accurate as possible.

The microphone of the headset is equipped with advanced noise canceling and intuitive mute functions. User testimonials show that it is really properly working and providing ultimate gaming quality, especially in cases where you chat with your allies. The stereo technology of the Sennheiser Game One is enabled with the ability to let players know where the enemy’s fire and attack comes from, thus providing them with a unique advantage over other players, using more basic headsets.

In conclusion, one can easily say that the Sennheiser team has put a lot of effort and time in order to develop a multi-functional premium headset, perfectly applicable for both continuous playing and listening to music with high sound quality. This makes the Sennheiser Game One a complex and widely appreciated audio accessory.


  • Premium Design
  • Excellent Audio Performance
  • Solid Noise-canceling Microphone
  • Comfortable


  • Lacks Included Connector for PS4 (Separately Sold)


Overall Conclusion

From all the information we have shared above it seems that despite the fact these headsets are designed for gaming, their quality and usefulness can also completely satisfy the needs of the audiophiles. And you know very well that in general, these are two very different audiences. Of course, one can be both, but it’s hard to be both at the same time.

People who enjoy listening to music demand excellent sound quality that reproduces the audio source purely, without changing it in any way. On the other hand, true gamers need to have the ability to adjust their audio settings according to their current needs, such as mixing functions that can bring out voice chat, or simulated surround sound modes.

Some of the reviewed gaming headset can satisfy both kinds of users. However, you should make your personal choice according to your own preferences and we believe that you have already learned what to seek and watch for.

Buyer’s Guide

Basically, all gaming headsets should generate positive result in some key categories. These are very important because they show how good and well designed a particular headset is. Therefore, we would like to share a little more valuable and relevant information in that direction. We believe this can serve readers as a useful guide when they decide to buy new headsets for them.

Which Platform?
This is the first thing to start with because your choice of a headset should be entirely based on the gaming console or PC you are going to use them with. For example, you will need to select from different types of products depending on whether you will use it for playing on PS4, Xbox, PC or MAC. However, as you have already found out from the reviews on this page, there are headsets which are compatible to all kinds of devices and this can really help you make your choice.
In case you are from those gamers who conduct continuous gaming sessions, you will definitely need a comfortable and non-intrusive headset. Although comfort is absolutely key in a gaming headset, it is also very subjective and individual. Thankfully, all the reviewed headsets are built from light materials and provide gamers with optimal comfort so you can feel the game – not the headset.
Ultimate sound quality is another top priority when you are choosing the best gaming headset for you. Being able to pick up on functionally interactive in-game and environmental sounds is absolutely essential for competitive gaming experience and all passionate gamers know that very well. Still, there is something else which depends on every gamer’s personal preferences – whether to buy a 7.1 channel surround sound headset or one with stereo game sound. There are fans of both types, so you should make that decision for yourself.
Mic Quality
Another crucial feature of the gaming headset which is able to entirely change your gaming experience. The most important thing a built-in microphone should have is a high-end noise cancellation function, so you can chat to fellow players with crystal clarity. Based on the results of our investigation, we can say that all the mentioned in the above article headsets offer premium mic quality.
We believe that we have shared enough information relating this topic in each headset’s review. So, you should already know that the materials a particular headset is built of define its durability over time. Also, when related to the wireless headset models, durability means the battery life of the product. As most of the gamers often participate in long-hours gaming sessions, they have to be sure to pick a product providing at least 16 hours of uninterrupted gameplay.
Price Range
Well, this is something each gamer should figure out for themselves. The good news is that it seems like you can find a quality headset in every price category you are searching in. A great proof for that is the fact that all reviewed products on this page come from different price range and all of them provide good performance.

Of course, there are many other relevant and important thing people watch for when choosing a gaming headset. However, our experience shows that these are the most substantial features you should take into consideration. Still, being a personal piece of gaming gear and accessory, choosing your gaming headset is a kind of a personal journey you should take, and by knowing the basis, we believe that you can make the best choice possible. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.

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