HBSwiss Review – Does it Do the Job?


Hans BergerHBSwiss System is a Forex trading robot which was founded in 2017 by prominent Swiss investor Hans Berger. The software has been the subject of massive interest from the online investment community thanks to the fact that it combines several different economic and financial principles into one single quantum programming algorithm.

The concept for the trading robot occurred to Mr. Berger by accident and the whole development process took up several years before the Forex tool was finally ready for Alpha- and the ongoing Beta-testing phases.

Sign up is provided to users for free and the winning ratio of 97.5% has been attracting a wide number of users from all social groups, even those who know close to nothing about investments on the Internet or in real life.

The investment robot features sophisticated coding and has an excellent autopilot feature which allows newbies to acquire investment knowledge and learn about general financial principles while the robot accumulates profits on their behalf.

Our inspection of the trading solutions came up with several different facts suggesting that the Forex software is legit and authentic. It is a useful tool that can ensure that every user is entitled to a safe, secure, and reliable investment process.


What is HBSwiss System?

One of the things that distinguish the Forex trading robot above the rest is the fact that it applies the best principles of the newly-established financial technology concept. The automated trading feature also makes opens an opportunity for regular people to open much more investment positions at the same time than when trying to do so on manual mode.

Its range of assets is not limited only to currency pairs but also include the other three of the main categories – commodities, stocks, and indices. This serves as a training tool for non-professional as they can broaden their perspective and test different trading styles.

Sophisticated investors can put their acquired skills to the test and see if they really work. They can also expand their horizons, testing out different volumes, sums, and strategies. There are also several indicators that can be implemented for the purpose of increasing payouts.

Interesting Fact:

The name of the investment solution is derived from the first name and surname of the founder Hans Berger, namely H and B. The software features the unique Swiss Trading Technology which applies the best principles in Swiss hospitality and business etiquette.

Who is Creator Hans Berger?

Hans Berger is not the typical founder of the usual profit-accumulating solution. He is a man who had already managed to build a stable career, company and was quite content with his personal life before beginning to work on the Forex investment bot.


The initial concept for the software came to him after beginning to work for a prominent Swiss bank. Hans became head of the online trading team and specialized in digital high-frequency trading. He noticed that this type of investment solutions was gaining momentum and that lots of people applied them to9 great success in their daily trading operations.

He studied different principles and finally decided that the quantum computing models his childhood friend Bastian Hermann had worked on and the Black-Scholes-Merton continuous equation principle would provide a solid foundation for the establishment of an online trading tool, along with the basics of Grover and Shor’s economic theories.

Initial work on the autopilot robot took about 3 years and the Alpha-testing phase was carried out entirely by the employees. Satisfied with the results, they were keen to let regular people try it out. This is the current Beta-testing round.

Sign-up for it is completely free but users who wish to secure a spot must hurry up as the system accepts a limited number of people per day. Success rate has been sky-rocketing, recently hitting the 97.5% level.


How Does the Quantum Computing Software Work?

The main reason why so many people go on to complete this investment solution’s registration procedure and why it has been subject to such positive user testimonials and reviews is the fact that it implements sophisticated quantum technology principles which were developed by Bastian Hermann – Hans Berger’s best friend from childhood years.

The said were developed while Mr. Hermann was working on a special project for CERN. He designed the computer coding of the profit-increasing solution accordingly and this makes the software calculate bigger amounts of trading data faster than most other robots would do.

Hans Berger has stated on a number of different occasions that he is very proud of the way that the Forex trading system and thanks Bastian for lending him the technological foundations. Most people tend to agree with Mr. Berger, as investor interest towards the software has been on the rise.

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No Necessary Download

One of HBSwiss Softwares prime characteristics is that digital investors are not required to engage in any unnecessary downloading of the Forex software, nor its subsequent updates. There is a special mobile app which is intended for clients who wish to trade from wherever they are on the globe. The regular system will operate without hesitations or delays on any given Internet browser and device type.

How to Sign Up For the Trading Software?

There is nothing complicated or all that hard about this digital income solution. Users have to enter their best details into a registration form and will receive a confirmatory email in their private inbox. They will find a link applied inside which they have to follow and they will have to open an investment account with the system at hand in combination with one of their trusted partnering platforms.

There is nothing to worry about as the ones that the autopilot bot operates with are fully regulated and legit. Some of the have won a number of international awards for best financial technology software.

Here is how to get started with the online investment tool in the simplest manner:

1. Free Sign-Up

2. Fund Investment Account

3. Trade & Withdraw

How Much Are the Expected Profits?

Even complete newcomers will not find it difficult to generate 97.5% returns on their initial investment with the Forex trading tool. Average daily profits have been revolving around the €5,000 level for most users, as the autopilot feature allows even for complete newcomers to generate sufficient monetary sums.

Most of the people who have completed the sign-up process go on to confirm that the stated sums are real. The best part about investing with HBSwiss Forex robot is that one does not need specific trading knowledge in order to achieve success.

On the other hand, professional investment users are free to apply whichever investment principles they deem necessary, including strategies, indicators, and all kinds of tools.

What is the Cost for Using the Trading Software?

Hans Berger needs more people that can confirm that his Forex investment bot is legit and reliable. He plans to release it for Initial Public Offering (IPO) in the future and he requires genuine statements from people that they have successfully applied the quantum technology robot for successful financial gain.

This is the main reason why he has decided to make the Forex system available for free. There is only the initial deposit of $250 which has to be placed but it can be withdrawn and taken back at any given moment.

The minimum deposit does not act as a payment, merely just a mean by which one can fund his account and get started.


Is HBSwiss a Scam or Legit Forex Robot?

Our exhaustive inquiry into this Forex trading robot did not come up with any negative or disturbing facts. The software applies the strictest possible SSL standards and has introduced online investors to a revolutionary and unique algorithm that has the ability to process information much faster than regular systems.

It is completely legit and authentic and partners only with reliable and trustworthy investment platforms. Hans Berger states that he wanted to introduce the world to Swiss Quality Trading and the European’s best-established traditions in customer service, quality, and hospitality.

All odds point to the direction that he has successfully managed to do it.

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How is the Customer Support Care?

The thing which distinguishes the customer support service of this income-generating robot from others, especially scam ones, is that each and every member undergoes at least a month of professional training before beginning to work with clients.

Most of the users who have turned to the 24/7 service for support, guidance or advice certify that it is one of the best possible in the business. Customer support members also make it clear that they regularly undergo training for further acquiring of specifically required skills.

They are also known as being supportive, friendly, and dedicating a lot of genuine care, energy, and patience in order to solve user problems in the quickest way possible.

User Testimonials:

HBSwiss System truly changed the way I view online trading tools. I thought most of them were just a pure scam, as I have had negative personal experience in the past. Everything was different with this robot! I did not believe my eyes the first time that I looked at my account. There were €4,731 in there! The same situation has been repeated every day. It truly turned my life around for the better and it can do the same for you!”

– Claudio Schluesser, 47, Linz, Austria

This is one truly amazing Forex robot! Its payouts are incredible and the technological and financial principles that were implemented into its programming algorithm are just superb. I have quit my job and dedicated my every free second to my hobbies, friends, and family, thanks to this trading solution. The autopilot does everything instead of me. I highly recommend it!

– Albina Drago, 31, Milan, Italy


HBSwiss is one of the finer automated trading tools which are directed at the Forex market. It has a wonderful customer support team, lots of useful features, and allows users to achieve financial prosperity and success both on autopilot and manual mode. Not only this but client feedback has been more than positive.

Our investigation declares the investment tool to be a fully legit and authentic mean by which one can expand his understanding of the investment world and acquire a stable income on the Internet. Traders can safely proceed to sign-up for free with it and be subject to amazing returns.


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