How can you protect yourself from bot attacks?

With the popularity of cryptocurrency and digital currency on the rise since last year, there has been no dearth for inquisitive techies out to dismantle the technology bit by bit and provide their two pence on blogs. While for the novice understanding the technology has become easier thanks to the numerous blogs and articles on the topic, these very people are also victims of hackers out to exploit the loopholes in the system. And therefore there is a growing number of hacking attempts and successful hacks of cryptocurrency exchanges and websites.

While the craze for the likes of bitcoin has increased with the presence of trading robots like the QProfit System offering a chance to one and all to dabble in the world of cryptocurrency, there is a greater risk to your privacy then ever before from unscrupulous sites which unleash the power of bitcoin mining bot to steal all your data.

Medium level firewall, not enough

Bitcoin mining requires servers to do their job. Hence, what the hackers do is to attack your servers by leaving behind plugins which if undetected will swipe all your digital money and you won’t be any wiser. These miners are really fast and the best antivirus security system with their two-factor authentication will not be able to alert you fast enough to take any necessary precautions.

What can you do?

Remember that the minute you are on the World Wide Web you are exposed. There are scores of people out there who with the right resources and time can get into anything and everything if they so desire.

So here are a few things that you can do to protect yourself:

  1. Get the best firewall available: The cheap ones and the free ones are just not strong enough against persistent attack from people who know what they are doing.
  2. Get a password manager: Lame passwords are asking for trouble. To safeguard your interests use password manager programs like One Pass and Last Pass which will ensure that your online accounts do not get hacked. These programs generate random passwords that are secure and are encrypted. Only you can have access to them.
  3. Do not ignore safe practices: All websites especially banks always give their safe practices which you must adhere too because they know what they are dealing with while you don’t. Following all the precautions however mundane they are it’s your responsibility to protect yourself when online.