Your privacy is crucial to us and we have compiled the present Privacy Policy in order to explain some basic details regarding the personal information and general data we directly or indirectly gather from you. We intend to provide you with confidence and re-assure you about the safety,privacy and security of the personal information we receive or obtain from you, whose quantity does not amount to much.

Personal Information & Data Gathering

When you make use of the services that this website provides or when you add comments to blogs, you will be asked for information that verifies and confirms your personal identity. This includes the possibility of you having to provide your email address, name and other details.

When you willingly provide and give such data, you also give us you explicitly expressed consent to use it in the manner that has been outlined in this policy of privacy.

If you submit your email and name in the opt in form box, you are prone to receiving a conformation email and if you click on the link applied in it, we will add your personal email to our private email marketing list.

This will ensure that you receive important updates about FragLand and its services. In case you wish to opt out of our email marketing list, you have to send us an email and we will delete and erase all of your personal information that exists within our database within a couple of days. We will never give away or sell your contact details to anyone.


Cookies are data files which will be saved and be kept on your personal computer when you proceed to visit Cookies are applied in order to collect user information such as your exact preferences. They also keep track of traffic patterns, audience size and promotional campaigns.

When you happen to visit a website, your computer will automatically display a permission to store cookies form in the hard drive which is designated for cookies only. If you have established precise browser settings, each site can send their own cookies, but all browser have a default setting to accept cookies.

You can also choose to alter the configurations of your browser if you do not wish to allow the the utilization of cookies. If your browser is set to avoid and ban cookies, you will be able to get access to most of FragLand’s content, but some areas may not function effectively. A cookie cannot pass on viruses or any kind of derogatory software to your computer or retrieve any general or personal information or from your device’s hard drive.

Graphic images may also be featured in the emails we send to you so that we can determine if you have opened the links and read the messages.


We do not give permission to anyone to copy any content available on this website. No content shall be reproduced in any manner or under any circumstance. This includes videos and reviews hosted on the domain of If the content, information or materials made accessible on this website are used, copied, redistributed or issued without precise and written consent from the owner, then legal action may be undertaken.

Personal Information & Data Usage

When you open or visit, we differentiate your computer from others with the usage or appliance of cookies. Sometimes, cookies prevent you from signing in unnecessarily. Our web servers log files and cookies help us find out the number of people visiting our website and which sections are most visited. We do not engage in activities that involve personal data and information collection through the use of cookies. We also do not store any information about you that the cookies collected from your browser.

IP Addresses

When your personal computer or device of choice get connected to the Internet, your computer or device makes use of IP addresses. This number is unique for every computer and is used for identification purpose only. When you visit Fragland, your IP addresses is collected automatically by our web server.

Personal Information & Data Sharing

We do not engage in any activities that involve sharing, lending or selling of your private information and data to a third party. Your personal details such as email address and names are safely kept and fully secured with us. We may only experience the need to do so when processing transactions or offering services that you have expressly requested.

How to Gain Access to Your Personal Information & Data?

If you wish to access and make the best use of a particular piece of your information that we have collected in order to personally identify you, you can just write to us via email and request the personal information and data we have in our database.

Information Disclosure

In the event that a legal authority requires us to disclose your personal information and data, we may do so. This usually happens when the law requires the information for the protection of our legal rights. If we believe we have a reason to disclose information that has a direct relation to your account to contact, identify or bring about a legal action, then we will commence doing so in order to protect and guard the said rights of other members or the general public.

Linked Websites

There are a number of websites we are linked to and a number that has been linked to us. But, we are not responsible for the content of those websites that are linked to and from us. Linked websites usually act as pointers to provide information that may be useful to you.

You must, however, kindly remember that when you proceed to click on or follow a link to another website, our Privacy Policy is immediately put to practice. Your experience on other websites is subject to their own set of rules and policies. You must read their rules, policies, terms and conditions before you proceed to view the content available there or sign up with the particular website.


Our existing Privacy Policy features a specific statement related to the manner in which the service of FragLand may be used and applied. By doing so with the services or information provided on our website, you present to us with your expressed consent to utilize your personal information and data. We reserve the outlined right to make additional changes and amendments to our existing Privacy Policy at any time and moment.

Data Security & Personal Information Safety

Our server is located in the United States and all personal information and private data that is collected will be kept secure in our servers at this precise location. Kindly note and take into account that the laws on data security in the US may be different from the laws in your native country. They may be more or less stringent provided depending on the exact location you reside in.

To ensure that your personal information is protected at all times and also to ensure that your information is used in the correct manner only, we have implemented and applied the appropriate electronic, managerial and physical procedures.

Unsubscribe Options

If you wish to unsubscribe and receive no messages from in the future, you can do so anytime you decide to. After you unsubscribe, we will remove your details from our database and discontinue sending you any messages or emails.

Special Note About Children

We do not allow children to make use of our services. In the event that children access our website, we advise that they do so under strict supervision. Children who are under the age of 14 should not submit in written form any personal information or data to our website. Minors should access this website and the services we offer only with expressed permission from parents and guardians.

Ownership Changes

Should website acquisition occur, all personal information and existing data may be considered part of the assets and therefore transferred.

Modifications in Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy may be modified at any given moment. When changes take place, we send out emails to our users who wish to receive notifications about the modifications. Users are advised to check on any amendments we may decide to undertake and carry out on our Privacy Policy from time to time.

Users must also be weary of the fact that if our policy changes in time to come, we will not proceed to utilize the said data that has been submitted to us by our users in a manner which is not appropriate or inconsistent with this policy.